Service Baselining

Being able to normalize your network services and user experience is now possible. Voyance is the first network analytics tool to automatically generate what’s normal behavior for a given network services or user incident by tracking over time how users are being impacted.


How is SKYPE performing? How fast is a transaction? How are DNS, DHCP, or HTTP response times? Service baselining gives IT organizations the ability to now understand, through empirical data, how well the network or a given service or application is performing for any given user or group of users – helping IT staff establish a valid benchmark that helps them better tune their infrastructure.


Voyance automatically establishes baselines across a number of dimensions such as client incidents, application performance, and network services. Service baselining details what percentage of clients were affected over time as well as the deviation from established baselines, automatically alerting network operations to current and potential issues.


Service Baselining


Service Baselining Walkthrough

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