Actionable Answers

No more wading through disparate systems and massive amounts of raw data that must be manually analyzed. Voyance automatically takes wired and wireless data and transforms it into meaningful answers to the root cause, symptoms and remediation questions that remain unanswered by alternative solutions.


As more users with smart devices, IoT, and mobility become commonplace, frustration within enterprise IT network operations is at an all-time high. Companies must be able to make informed decisions about the quality of the user experience and understand the actual impact of infrastructure changes they are making based on real, objective data. But getting real answers to user experience problems has become a major challenge.


From one to tens of thousands of users, Voyance identifies the root cause of incidents in real time for every client connection, providing an understandable description of incidents for all affected users. Symptoms such as TCP latency, Wi-Fi performance, DNS, DHCP, or AAA issues and many more, are automatically displayed… giving administrators the ability to quickly drill down in seconds providing a clear view of next step remediation. This radically reduces troubleshooting times while speeding escalations with greater accuracy.


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