Nyansa to be acquired by VMWare

We’re excited and humbled to announce that VMware is acquiring Nyansa!

This is great news for our customers, employees, and partners. Joining forces with VMware provides an amazing platform for us to continue executing on our shared vision of a new networking paradigm: an analytics powered, software-defined and self-healing virtual cloud network that connects clients to containers in today’s dynamic and distributed enterprises. VMware represents a perfect alignment in technology, products and culture. We will continue to deliver the Nyansa multi-vendor AIOps platform and double-down on end-to-end user experience and IoT operational assurance.

When we started our Nyansa journey six years ago, we focused on solving long overlooked problems within enterprise branch and campus networks around the client and application experience of users and subsequently ‘things’ (IoT). We pioneered the use of modern web-scale technologies and algorithms like machine learning; making automatically learned baselines, cloudsourced benchmarking, recommendations and automated remediations the state of the art in network analytics, without any proprietary hardware vendor lock-in. Along the way, we’ve had the fortune and privilege of serving some of the largest organizations in retail & distribution, healthcare, high-tech enterprise, and universities. Our amazing customers have helped shape the Nyansa Voyance product evolution over the years.

As we started partnership discussions with VMware last year, it quickly became clear that the Nyansa Voyance end-user centric analytics platform complemented the overarching VMware network vision, which via the NSX portfolio spans the software- defined data center, where applications reside, and the software-defined WAN (VeloCloud by VMware), which enables more secure cloud connectivity for the enterprise. Nyansa Voyance will extend the VMware portfolio further into the enterprise campus and branch by adding software-defined capabilities on Wi-Fi and LAN devices to deliver end-to-end visibility and control, while also adding new data and analytics capabilities to the VMware data center portfolio.

When the partnership discussions with VMware turned into more permanently joining forces, it made perfect sense. In addition to the product vision and technology fit, our shared ideals for culture, values, and people with the VeloCloud and NSX team were incredibly aligned. Over the years at Nyansa, we’ve obsessed about building a customer-first, radically candid, and openly communicative culture that facilitates innovation and learning. In all our interactions thus far, the VMware team has embodied similar values that will allow the Nyansa team to continue to thrive, while also leveraging the resources and scale of VMware.

For our customers this means we’re now backed by an amazing partner who is fully committed to continuing to advance the Voyance network analytics platform. It’s no surprise that most of our customers are already VMware customers in some capacity, given VMware’s immense reach into enterprises. With this partnership, the data sets driving the Nyansa Voyance analytics engine will increase by orders of magnitude, yielding tremendous new insights and benefits to all customers.

Joining VMware is the next chapter in our journey. We are incredibly thankful to all our customers, investors, partners, and supporters who have advised, listened, encouraged, and cheered us on.

Onward and upward!

Abe, Anand & Dan