Nyansa Helps Enterprises Boost User Productivity, Justify Application Investments With New User Application Analytics Technology

Voyance+ network analytics service now gives enterprises contextual insight into every user’s experience with hundreds of SaaS, unified communications, Wi-Fi calling and custom business applications

Nyansa, Inc. (“knee-ans-sah”), a fast-growing innovator of a new generation of network analytics software technology, today introduced Voyance+ a new extension to its popular Voyance network analytics service that adds unique user application analytics (UAA) technology. With it, enterprises gain actionable insights into the quality of entire user experience from end-to-end for a myriad of SaaS, UC and custom business applications.

With Voyance+ enterprises can now automatically correlate user access to applications across four essential dimensions of the application experience: Wi-Fi access, the campus local area network and network services, the user device and the Internet link. A complete view of the entire user application experience means organizations can now better manage the quality of application experience from end-to-end. All of this is done with simple network instrumentation only; no client software, sensors or overlay networks.

With the mass of moving parts in today’s mobile enterprise infrastructure, true user application analytics requires a holistic knowledge and analysis of traffic from the network, end points, call servers, applications and other infrastructure.

While conventional application solutions simply monitor application performance within the data center, providing no network or user context or actionable analytics, Nyansa has taken a different approach. With Voyance+ and UAA technology, companies can now analyze the use and health of applications on a per user basis, automatically correlating application behavior with the performance of underlying network services upon which applications are dependent.

“Today, a lot of user application experience problems are due to the end client devices’ interaction with the wireless network, as well as network services and the internet link”, says Anand Srinivas, Co-founder and CTO of Nyansa.

“What’s needed is a solution that measures and correlates real users’ application-layer performance at the exact same time as their wireless and network performance. What’s also needed are machine learning algorithms run on this data that surface exactly what’s going on without a network engineer having to manually interpret mountains of raw, out of context data. Voyance is the first solution that enables this.”

According to ZK Research, understanding the effectiveness of enterprise applications requires much better insight into the impact of all network services on application performance from the time users connect to the network to the time applications are accessed. Recent findings by ZK Research show that nearly 75% of UC-related problems, for instance, are reported by the end user and not IT. Nyansa’s user application analytics solution effectively reverses this dilemma: “What Nyansa is really delivering for the first time is contextual application analytics,” said Zeus Kerravala, founder and principal analyst at ZK research.

“Monitoring applications within the data center without providing a complete view across the entire network isn’t enough for today’s mobile enterprise. Nyansa is bringing a whole new perspective to user application analytics that now allows enterprises to finally put together all the different pieces of the application performance puzzle from end to end,” Kerravala concluded.

Much of the justification for initial deployment of business-critical applications, like unified communications, revolves around cost savings and improving user productivity. Conventional enterprise applications and UC solutions are largely distributed, comprised of physical servers, virtual servers, cloud-services and IP phones that run on shared networks, video end points, mobile devices, wireless networks and multiple applications.

Analyzing Application Behavior Imperative to Improving User Productivity

For network managers balancing many different network services, devices and applications, understanding the actual user experience with evolving enterprise applications across an entire network presents a unique new challenge.

Organizations are also contending with a new dependency on the IP network and virtualized platforms that are often maintained by separate teams. Consequently, user application analytics tools that provide comprehensive insights into the user experience are now critical to the successful use and adoption of applications across the enterprise.

Beyond Monitoring with Actionable Per User Application Analytics

Traditional application performance monitoring tools typically reside in the data center, tracking how long internal applications take to respond to a user request and how applications are performing on servers and interacting with databases, memory and CPU resources.
Conversely, Voyance combines user application and client/network service analytics to deliver incident identification, service base lining, benchmarking, trending and custom reporting across the entire network applications stack based on a variety of selectable dimensions. Machine learning enables insights to be surfaced automatically without users having to manually correlate raw, out of context data.
An extension of its popular Voyance SaaS network analytics service, Nyansa’s UAA technology requires no client software, sensors or additional hardware and uses actual wired, wireless and applications traffic that is analyzed and correlated with every user on the network.

UAA support now includes hundreds of SaaS-based applications, Wi-Fi calling, and industry-leading UC applications, such as Cisco UCM and Microsoft’s SKYPE for business. Direct feeds from vendor application programming interfaces (APIs) provide richer insights into UC application behavior. In addition, customers can easily define their own unique or custom applications to be analyzed within Voyance.

With user application analytics support, organizations now have immediate access to a wealth of actionable analytics for every application being used. For the first time, IT staff can easily solve user application problems that have been near impossible to solve within a single solution, answering questions such as:

  • Which users are accessing specific applications over a select period of time?
  • What was the quality of user application experience for a given client device?
  • How many total ‘client-hours’ of poor user application experience did clients in the whole company encounter?
  • A client had a choppy conference call, was it the Wi-Fi, the device/OS, or the app itself?
  • How does user application experience vary w/ RF-band, SSID, location, device type, etc.?
  • I upgraded my Wi-Fi network in this building – exactly what difference did it make to application performance?
  • How does my UC performance compare to UC at other similar environments?
  • What remediation can I apply to my network to get the biggest ‘bang-for-my-buck’ in terms of alleviating user application experience issues?

Unlike alternative solutions that merely provide raw data that must be manually analyzed and correlated with other parts of the network by IT staff, Voyance automates this process, delivering summarized answers to user application, device and network service questions in plain English.

Pricing and Availability

Available immediately, Nyansa’s UAA solution is being offered as Voyance+, a value-added extension to its popular Voyance cloud-based IT analytics service. Based on an annual one-, three- or five-year service subscription, Voyance and Voyance+ enterprise pricing starts at $10,800 and $16,200 (one-year with 5 year subscription) respectively with no additional hardware, licensing or support costs. Special education pricing is also available.
Voyance+ includes all the same full-stack IT analytics features and functions as Voyance with added user analytics analysis for hundreds of SaaS applications, UC applications, such as Cisco UCM and SKYPE for business, Wi-Fi calling, along with an unlimited number of custom applications that can be defined. Support for any new application is automatically included at no cost. Flexible pricing options let customers tailor Voyance and Voyance+ service costs based on the number of users or network nodes (access points or switches).

Nyansa is a fast-growing, Silicon Valley based innovator of advanced IT analytics software technology. Venture-backed by Intel Capital and Formation |8, the company was founded in September 2013. Nyansa is credited with developing the first full-stack, vendor-agnostic, cloud-based user performance management platform called Voyance. With it, organizations are able to automate the end-to-end analysis and correlation or critical infrastructure data to improve the productivity, performance and security of critical devices on the wired/wireless network.

The world’s largest and only public SaaS IT analytics service available today, Voyance currently analyzes user network traffic from over 20 million client devices across thousands of customer sites at companies including Tesla, Uber, Lululemon, Home Depot, MuleSoft, SF International Airport, Stanford, Northeast Georgia Healthcare System and many others.

Purpose-built for quantifying the user experience within increasingly mobile enterprise network environments. Voyance is the only analytics system that analyzes every wired and wireless client network transaction in real time and over time. With Voyance, organizations can now proactively predict client problems, optimize their network and justify infrastructure changes based on actual user, network and application data. This serves to improve user productivity while radically reducing the time and expense related to optimizing IT network operations from the client to the cloud.


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