Nyansa Goes Private with New Enterprise Analytics Platform

Introduces new private cloud deployment option of its popular Voyance network analytics system that gives organizations unprecedented control with flexible deployment options

Nyansa, Inc. (“knee-ans-sah”), a fast-growing innovator of a new generation of network analytics software technology, today launched a fully-featured, massively scalable version of its popular Voyance network analytics platform developed specifically for deployment in private cloud environments.

The new Voyance private cloud offering now gives enterprises the option of deploying the Voyance backend in their own data center, either as a physical appliance or within their virtual environment. Alternatively, customers can also take advantage of the public cloud version of Voyance as well.  In both versions of the product, customers enjoy the exact same user experience, feature velocity as well as software reliability.

According to a recent report on the global IT operations analytics (ITOA) market by MarketsandMarkets, a market search company, the global market for private cloud and on-premise network performance management segment is estimated to reach USD $1.1B by 2020 with a compound annual growth rate (GAGR) of 38%. When combined with on-demand public cloud service market, to total market is estimated to reach over USD $2.1B by 2020 with a 40.7% CAGR.

Unlike any other network analytics solution on the market, Voyance by Nyansa delivers continuous data analysis and correlation of every user network transaction across the entire networking stack from access to application for all wired and wireless devices. Additionally, Voyance surfaces insights on actions that can be taken to improve client experience in the network.

As more and more organizations embrace BYOD, Wireless and cloud applications, they are interested in a new generation of network analytics that can be easily deployed without disruption to deliver comprehensive visibility into the behavior of client devices, network services and applications on the access network.

“Companies, large and small, have different preferences for how applications critical to efficient IT operations should be deployed,” said Abe Ankumah, Co-Founder and CEO of Nyansa. “For the first time, Nyansa is delivering a market solution for big data network analytics with a consistent user interface and feature set that works seamlessly across private and public cloud environments, putting deployment choice and control back into the customer’s hands.”

“With network and application analytics, Nyansa’s Voyance offering is addressing an often overlooked and highly undeserved portion of the market where most user problems occur – the enterprise access network,” said Zeus Kerravala, founder and principal analyst with ZK Research.

“Organizations want the next generation of everything but also want flexible deployment options to use technology when and where they want. Even with the growth and popularity of public cloud services, many organizations are still not ready to take the plunge or simply want complete control. With the Voyance private cloud option, they now have the best of both worlds.”  Kerravala concluded.


The private cloud deployment option processes all customer data within the customer’s premises. In this model, the only interaction with the Nyansa public cloud is for system health monitoring, optional sharing of benchmark data, as well as receiving software updates.

The private cloud deployment option takes the form of either a physical appliance or a virtual deployment.  In the case of the physical appliance, deployment is simple in terms of the appliance mostly configuring/managing itself.  However, for long term deployment with expansion & scaling in mind, the private cloud version of Voyance can be deployed within a customer’s already-existent virtual environment. The virtual resources need to be allocated by the customer, however once that’s done, the updates, etc. are orchestrated by the solution itself; this provides a similar experience for the customer as the physical appliance.

An example of the types of customers for whom a private cloud deployment option will be most appropriate include financial institutions, banks, government agencies and healthcare companies, where regulations force the fact that data cannot leave the premise and public cloud is unacceptable.  As a result, complete control of all organizational data with greater deployment flexibility is often non-negotiable.


The new Voyance private cloud solution addresses these requirements, incorporating all the existing features and functionality of Nyansa’s Voyance public cloud network analytics solution within a self-contained VM software package or pre-configured, 1RU all-in-one analytics and horizontally scalable appliance.

Developed with high availability in mind, the new Voyance private cloud solution is supports ESXI (5.5 or higher) or within a customer’s own Amazon Web Services (AWS) or Microsoft Azure environment; with Nyansa providing automatic and free software updates. Nyansa’s Voyance private cloud offering also provides easy integration with existing Active Directory authentication domains and single sign-on (e.g. SAML 2.0) support. Horizontally scalable, the Voyance private cloud solution is designed to scale to accommodate unlimited data retention with no impact to network performance or existing network topologies.


Available immediately, the new Voyance private cloud deployment option is priced on a one, three, or five-year software license basis and includes the entire Voyance back-end network analytics system with all the feature/functionality of Nyansa’s Voyance public cloud analytics service, along with the User Application Analytics (UAA) software suite, monitoring of the Voyance private cloud, enterprise support, and software upgrades for the license term.

Starting at $65,000 for a one-year license, Voyance for Private Cloud supports up to 250 access points and 2,500 users.  Multi-year discounts are available.  All hardware costs, if applicable, are simply passed through to the customer.

Nyansa is a fast-growing, Silicon Valley based innovator of advanced IT analytics software technology. Venture-backed by Intel Capital and Formation |8, the company was founded in September 2013. Nyansa is credited with developing the first full-stack, vendor-agnostic, cloud-based user performance management platform called Voyance. With it, organizations are able to automate the end-to-end analysis and correlation or critical infrastructure data to improve the productivity, performance and security of critical devices on the wired/wireless network.

The world’s largest and only public SaaS IT analytics service available today, Voyance currently analyzes user network traffic from over 20 million client devices across thousands of customer sites at companies including Tesla, Uber, Lululemon, Home Depot, MuleSoft, SF International Airport, Stanford, Northeast Georgia Healthcare System and many others.

Purpose-built for quantifying the user experience within increasingly mobile enterprise network environments. Voyance is the only analytics system that analyzes every wired and wireless client network transaction in real time and over time. With Voyance, organizations can now proactively predict client problems, optimize their network and justify infrastructure changes based on actual user, network and application data. This serves to improve user productivity while radically reducing the time and expense related to optimizing IT network operations from the client to the cloud.


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