Nyansa advances healthcare AI Ops to critical Citrix applications and clinical IoT devices

New Citrix integration and collaboration with GE Healthcare give healthcare organizations extraordinary insight into pressing application, device and network performance issues impacting the delivery of critical care patient services.

Nyansa today delivered direct integration of Citrix® application data into its popular Voyance network analytics platform to eliminate performance blind spots inhibiting the efficient delivery of essential healthcare patient services. Voyance has been certified by Citrix to work with both XenApp and XenDesktop as part of the Citrix Ready certification program.

Additionally, the company announced that it has entered into a collaboration agreement with GE Healthcare to provide unparalleled visibility into the health, performance and behavior of network-connected IoT devices, such as bedside monitors and telemetry equipment being introduced within hospitals everywhere.

“New single-purpose IoT healthcare devices and Citrix-based applications have become non-negotiable tools for delivering the quality patient care and ensuring the highest levels of productivity for doctors, clinicians and staff,” saidKristien Kramer, Network Engineering Team Lead at Northeast Georgia Health System.

“But with so many new devices to manage, applications to monitor and data to analyze,” many healthcare IT organizations are under pressure to get in front of the problem of how to understand what’s going on, where and why. This is precisely what Nyansa is helping them achieve,” Kramer concluded.


Citrix solutions for healthcare IT organizations enable digital transformation by providing clinicians with instant access to patient information as they roam across facilities, devices and networks.

With advanced integration of Citrix data into Nyansa’s AI-Based Voyance analytics platform, IT staff now have the ability to automatically identify the culprit performance problems impacting essential Citrix-based EMR /EHR applications, such as EPIC and Allscripts, that have become the defacto standard for real-time delivery of patient-centered records to clinical staff.

Detailed Citrix application data is directly collected, analyzed and correlated with all other data sources across the entire network to help IT staff to quickly find and fix issues impacting the performance of Citrix applications.

IT staff can now have detailed visibility into proprietary Citrix ICA session formation such as session login times, application server resource utilization as well as when and why machine, application and connection failures occur.


Working with GE Healthcare, Nyansa has developed the ability to parse the proprietary GE Unity/Carescape network protocol spoken between GE bedside monitors and GE viewers at the central station.

This protocol analysis enables the ability to calculate client experience metrics such as how well the heart rate, oxygen levels and other vitals are being received by the GE viewers. This user experience data is then fed into Voyance, Nyansa’s user management performance platform.

As a new data source into the Voyance platform, all telemetry data analysis is automatically and securely correlated across the full-stack of network data analytics currently available within Voyance.  This now gives IT teams a more complete, accurate and contextual picture of the performance of these mission-critical devices on the network.

Armed with this new data, healthcare IT teams immediately gain a variety of insights not previously possible, these include, but are not limited to: the automatic root cause analysis of monitor connectivity issues, problematic monitors, the baseline behavior of bedside monitor performance and the amount of traffic monitors are sending and receiving.

Nyansa is a fast-growing, Silicon Valley based innovator of advanced IT analytics software technology. Venture-backed by Intel Capital and Formation |8, the company was founded in September 2013. Nyansa is credited with developing the first full-stack, vendor-agnostic, cloud-based user performance management platform called Voyance. With it, organizations are able to automate the end-to-end analysis and correlation or critical infrastructure data to improve the productivity, performance and security of critical devices on the wired/wireless network.

The world’s largest and only public SaaS IT analytics service available today, Voyance currently analyzes user network traffic from over 20 million client devices across thousands of customer sites at companies including Tesla, Uber, Lululemon, Home Depot, MuleSoft, SF International Airport, Stanford, Northeast Georgia Healthcare System and many others.

Purpose-built for quantifying the user experience within increasingly mobile enterprise network environments. Voyance is the only analytics system that analyzes every wired and wireless client network transaction in real time and over time. With Voyance, organizations can now proactively predict client problems, optimize their network and justify infrastructure changes based on actual user, network and application data. This serves to improve user productivity while radically reducing the time and expense related to optimizing IT network operations from the client to the cloud.


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