New Nyansa Report Sheds Bright Light On Actual Client Wi-Fi Roaming Performance Across Industry Vendors

Results Using Real Enterprise Network Data Validate Apple iOS Clients, Perform Better with Cisco WLAN infrastructure as Promised by Apple Cisco “Fast Lane” Partnership

Nyansa, Inc. (“knee-ans-sah”), a fast-growing innovator of a new generation of user performance management technology, today published the results of an extensive study of Wi-Fi client roaming behavior across tens of thousands of enterprise network devices using Cisco wireless LAN (WLAN) infrastructure.

Because client devices typically decide where and when to roam to a “better” Wi-Fi access point, IT and network managers have been challenged to validate what combination of products works best and when given all the different conditions that can impact client roaming decisions. Poor Wi-Fi roaming is one of the biggest culprits of poor user experience and IoT performance across enterprise networks.

The new report allows enterprises, for the first time, to justify and quantify claims industry vendors make regarding the performance of their products. The analysis was performed using a massive dataset of production enterprise network data collected across a variety of organizations using Nyansa’s cloud-based Voyance user performance management platform.

The analysis examined the roaming performance of Android, Window, Chrome OS, Apple iOS and Apple OSX devices with the underlying network infrastructures of a variety of Voyance enterprise customers.  All customer data was anonymized.

“With over 10 million devices, and rapidly growing, continually measured and tracked within our Voyance SaaS network analytics service, we are in a unique position to help customers, and the industry at large, and validate the performance of a multiplicity of devices they deploy in their networks,” said Abe Ankumah, Co-Founder and CEO of Nyansa.  “Until now, there hasn’t been the ability to objectively analyze the true performance of different vendor solutions using actual network data. Voyance solves this industry-wide problem.”


Using Voyance, Nyansa measured the roaming performance of every client at all times, analyzing what percent of clients had “poor roaming performance” over a one year period and whether that performance increased or decreased as enterprises upgraded to Cisco WLC code 8.3 or better.

A summary of the aggregate analysis over the time period showed an outsized improvement roaming behavior using a combination of Apple iOS devices and Cisco wireless LANs (WLAN) running the AireOS 8.3 (or a later) code base, validating unproven partnership claims made by both companies.

These enterprises realized a 25% reduction in iOS clients impacted by poor roaming, going from 6.5% to 4.9% of iOS clients experiencing roaming issues over the time period.

Windows clients exhibited the next best roaming improvements demonstrating a 6%, reduction in client roaming problems, followed by Apple OSX at 4%, and Chrome OS at 1, with Android showing a 9% increase in clients impacted by poor roaming performance,


Nyansa then performed the same client roaming using large network environment comprised
of 20,000 simultaneously active iOS devices connecting to approximately 10,000 Cisco wireless access points managed by more than 15 WLAN controllers.

This analysis was performed over the exact same period on the same environment for the 5000 Android, 4000 Windows, 6500 Mac OSX and approximately 200+ Chrome OS devices.

The results from this analysis again showed that client iOS roaming took top marks, improving 40% over the period, reducing the percentage of client experiencing connectivity problems due to roaming from 8% to lower than 5%.

Android and Windows clients exhibited no change, while Chrome OS clients saw the number of client experiencing roaming problems increase by 5 percent. Apple Mac OSX clients fared better with 12% fewer clients experiencing roaming problems.

The full Nyansa Network Insider Report on client roaming performance is now publicly available at no cost by visiting:

Nyansa is a fast-growing, Silicon Valley based innovator of advanced IT analytics software technology. Venture-backed by Intel Capital and Formation |8, the company was founded in September 2013. Nyansa is credited with developing the first full-stack, vendor-agnostic, cloud-based user performance management platform called Voyance. With it, organizations are able to automate the end-to-end analysis and correlation or critical infrastructure data to improve the productivity, performance and security of critical devices on the wired/wireless network.

The world’s largest and only public SaaS IT analytics service available today, Voyance currently analyzes user network traffic from over 20 million client devices across thousands of customer sites at companies including Tesla, Uber, Lululemon, Home Depot, MuleSoft, SF International Airport, Stanford, Northeast Georgia Healthcare System and many others.

Purpose-built for quantifying the user experience within increasingly mobile enterprise network environments. Voyance is the only analytics system that analyzes every wired and wireless client network transaction in real time and over time. With Voyance, organizations can now proactively predict client problems, optimize their network and justify infrastructure changes based on actual user, network and application data. This serves to improve user productivity while radically reducing the time and expense related to optimizing IT network operations from the client to the cloud.


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