Voyance IoT Security

Unmatched IoT operational assurance with the integration of a IoT security solution and device performance analytics in a single AIOps platform.

Extending far beyond traditional infrastructure monitoring, Voyance is purpose-built for IoT, the enterprise edge, and modern mobile networks. Client and network data are collected and analyzed from the device to the application for both wireless and wired network access. The combination of big data analytics and Artificial Intelligence/Machine Learning (AI/ML) provide a more efficient and automated way to integrate Operational Technology (OT) and IT over the IoT device lifecycle.

IT Departments and line of business leaders can focus on business outcomes. The top three barriers to IoT adoption fall under operational assurance: security concerns, integrating Operational Technology (OT) with IT, and measuring ROI. Voyance removes these obstacles and allows CIOs, CISOs, and line of business leaders to focus on business outcomes.

Voyance IoT Tour

Quick tour of Voyance features and functions

Voyance IoT Demo

Detailed walkthrough of Voyance IoT

Everything IoT at a glance

  • Automated device detection, inventory, and classification
  • Integrate with inventory management systems (CMDB, CMMS)
  • Segment IoT devices from other network clients
  • See critical devices: infusion pumps, POS systems, cameras
  • Group by device type, department, site, etc.

Visibility that devices are performing as intended

  • Verify devices connected and communicating with the network
  • Detailed statistics: TX/RX traffic, SSIDs, VLANs
  • Measure device utilization
  • Scope to a single IoT client/group
  • See historical performance; quantify before/after changes

Establish a baseline for normal device behavior

  • AI-driven behavioral analysis
  • Full, filterable view of all client/group activity
  • Detect deviations from historical behavior
  • Analyze outlier behavior compared to peer devices/groups
  • Risk assessment

Real-time threat detection and alert generation

  • Alerts for deviations from normal behavior and policy violations
  • Orchestration via integrations: Cisco pxGrid/ISE, Aruba Clearpass, etc.
  • Automated action for containment
  • Root cause analysis and recommendations
  • Threat intelligence view with evidence drill down

Configure devices and the network to mitigate issues

  • SIEM integration & API extensions
  • SaaS cloudsourcing: benchmark device across entire user base
  • Global industry views for IoT threats
  • Enforce security policies
  • Ensure proper device segmentation

Seeing is Believing.

Take a test drive. See real data from a production environment.