Integrations & API

Seamless integration with Security and IT workflows

Voyance platform is designed for simple integration with third party solutions and custom customer applications to enhance existing enterprise workflows and create new ones. The platform offers an extensive set of vendor and technology integrations along with a flexible and secure API using GraphQL, allowing customers to get the most out of their existing infrastructure and software investments:


A flexible secure API over GraphQL for integration with applications and workflows. Build dashboards, integrate with custom tools, export data.


Certified, native integration into ServiceNow for automatic ticket creation and updates; configuration management database integration.
Integrate with security workflows and SIEM solutions including Splunk and others.

Trust & Security

Network Access Control (NAC) and identity systems: Cisco ISE, Aruba ClearPass, RADIUS

Threat Control

Take action via security threat control platforms. Voyance is a certified Cisco pxGrid solution.


Native Slack integration; automatically notify and collaborate with key stakeholders.

SMS/Email Alerts

Automatic alerts for high priority incidents via SMS or email; customize for attributes such as incident type, priority, and site.