Infrastructure Planning

Use data to align infrastructure with line of business and validate ROI

Good decision making starts with good data, and Voyance gives you insight into the most extensive set of network and client/device data available. The platform also employs Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning (AI/ML) techniques to provide recommendations that quantify the impact of changes. Network architects and engineers get exactly the level of data needed, from a global perspective down to a campus, building, room, wireless AP, or device. Drive more accurate capacity planning, prioritize investment based on ROI, and measure lost client hours.

Voyance analyzes performance from the user perspective and quantifies performance issues in client hours affected. This allows engineers to directly measure user/device productivity and translate infrastructure investments to ROI. A host of other capabilities transform the planning process. See a real-time and historical view of analytics – with automatic and custom annotations for important configuration changes. See before/after effects and validate experiments and pilot project results. Voyance is the only AIOps platform to offer industry benchmarking through our unique cloudsourcing model. Not only can you benchmark across your organization you can compare network performance with industry peers.


See how infrastructure changes impact user connectivity and productivity. Measure utilization of IoT assets. See actual impact in client hours affected.


Track before/after changes with automatic and custom annotations. Validate pilot project results.


Identify chronic issues and find problem hotspots. Recommendation engine uses historical data to suggest and quantify the impact of changes.


How do you stack up? Comparative analysis within your enterprise or across industry peers through unique cloudsourcing.


See emerging trends, pinpoint congestion areas, analyze peak usage. Apply real historical data to ensure SLAs. Eliminate wireless coverage gaps.


Use data to determine the realized and potential impact of infrastructure changes.


From a global view of multiple sites to floor maps. Create regular reports and custom dashboard for all levels and functions of the organization.

Seeing is Believing.

Take a test drive. See real data from a production environment.