Performance Analytics for CARESCAPE Networks

OnWatch NP powered by Nyansa

Now you can monitor your networks and devices as closely as you are watching your patients.

OnWatch NP, powered by Nyansa Voyance, gives healthcare organizations unmatched visibility into the performance and operational status of clinical and enterprise networks. This insight extends to every client, biomedical device, and application – wired and wireless – connecting to the network.

The Problem

As organizations deal with the accelerated adoption of biomed devices, legacy monitoring tools have not kept pace. Patient care is now directly connected to the performance and availability of the network and the devices that connect to it.

As delivering superior healthcare becomes ever more dependent upon technology, methods to ensure the technology is working properly is of utmost importance. OnWatch provides a single source of truth to efficiently manage network infrastructure and align IT and biomed groups. End finger pointing between Biomed and IT groups and stop hunting around to determine the cause of network and devices problems.

The Solution

OnWatch is specifically tailored to healthcare networks and the challenge of supporting a wide range of connected clinical devices. OnWatch combines AI and Machine Learning (ML) with advanced analytics to provide a comprehensive view of all client and device network traffic. The platform correlates data from a wide range of sources, including information only available via the GE Unity protocol, to deliver actionable insights and the visibility needed to better manage healthcare networks. Companies benefit from improved network and device uptime, faster incident resolution, and better alignment across Biomed and IT organizations.