Better patient response times, clinician productivity and IoT visibility

Healthcare providers are introducing a wide range of new network-based technologies to improve clinician productivity. Telemetry monitors, streaming cameras for patient monitoring, purpose-built smart phones for voice communications as well as custom EHR applications are all now inextricably linked to the access infrastructure.

For these investments to pay off, the performance of these tools over the network is critical to the success of any organization. Voyance is the only client performance management platform specifically developed to address this problem. Voyance automatically measures every client network transaction, surfacing actionable insights into the health of IoT devices, applications and network services.

Voyance tracks how devices and applications are performing with all other parts of the network. Now IT staff has a single source of truth for user performance problems and the ability to quickly find and fix individual device or systemic client issues impacting patient care.

Commercial Deployments