External Integrations

Seamless integration with IT Service Management and internal customer workflows.

Voyance platform is designed to work with various customer workflows and supports the following validated integrations.


Voyance provides flexible secure API interfaces over GraphQL, allowing Voyance customers to build custom dashboard and any custom applications using the data and insights from Voyance.


Native integration into Slack by way of a connector from within the Voyance app. Using this simple connector, Voyance can automatically send slack notifications when a high priority incident is created.


Certified, native integration into ServiceNow, by way of the Voyance app on the ServiceNow app store.  The integration allows tickets to be automatically created and updated from Voyance alerts and categorized properly according to a customer’s service now settings. the integration also enables customers troubleshooting individual client trouble tickets to manually auto populate those tickets with information from Voyance’s individual client details pages.

SMS/Email Alerting

Automatic alerting capabilities for any high priority incident that occurs. These alerts can be sent via e-mail or SMS to customers, and can be customized for different attributes including type of incident, geographic location or site etc.