Analyzing network data across enterprises, Voyance delivers unique insights and comparisons for user experience, IoT device behavior, and security threats.

As a cloud-based platform, Voyance analyzes data from hundreds of production enterprise deployments. By analyzing the end-to-end behavior of more than 20 million devices, Voyance leverages a huge data set for machine learning, and provides the entire customer base unique insight through this collective intelligence. Anonymized insights provide customers with global industry views into IoT threats and device behaviors. Customers can benchmark performance with industry peers for objective answers to questions relating to all aspects of client/device performance and IoT security.

Industry Benchmarking

An objective reading on how your network and device performance compares to industry peers.

Cloudsourced Data

Leverage the collective intelligence of a massive data set gathered from over 20 million devices across hundreds of production enterprise deployments.

Global Analysis

Identify chronic issues and find problem hotspots. Recommendation engine uses historical data to suggest and quantify the impact of changes.

IoT Threat Intelligence

Global industry views into IoT threats, behaviors, and performance intelligence. Alerts when devices are connecting to known security threats.

IoT Device Characterization

Voyance is constantly learning the behavior and data signature of IoT devices. Devices are automatically identified, classified, and behavior is characterized and compared to baseline.

Cloudsourced App ID

Application ID dynamically fingerprints applications including DPI based signature matching and certificate matching. This allows the creation of a dynamic AppID database shared among all customers.