Capturing network data analysis across enterprises,Voyance delivers unique insights into user experience, anonymously compared and shared among customers.

As a Cloud-based platform, Voyance combines anonymized insights from many different production environments to benefit all customers.  It’s a form of collective intelligence wherein the more production data is on the platform, the more powerful the platform becomes.

Industry Benchmarking

An ‘objective’ reading on whether customer environments are performing well or not. The same user experience measurements and statistics (but no personal user data) within all customer environments are compared and anonymously shared among all customers. This uniquely allows customers can see an apples to apples comparison between their environment and other similar environments. (eg. how does an enterprise with around 500 client devices know whether 3% of their clients failing to connect on DNS is good or bad)?  With cloudsourced industry benchmarks, customers can quickly see the answer to this and many other questions.

Cloudsourced App ID

By leveraging its presence in the multitude of customer environments, Application ID dynamically fingerprints applications based on various markers including DPI based signature matching, certificate matching, watching DNS queries, etc. This allows the creation of a dynamic AppID database, shared among all customers, based on much simpler markers, such as destination IP address only, which is the only marker available in many non-SPAN port, plain vanilla Netflow-only, Voyance deployments.

Global Analysis

Gathering interesting insights into client behavior and user experience by anonymously combining patterns from a multitude of customer environments. This gives customers unprecedented insight into global trends and partners impacting enterprise network behavior around the globe.