Client Experience

End-to-end Analysis of User Performance from Client to Cloud, Voyance Delivers Big Returns from the Only Vendor-Agnostic SaaS Network Analytics Solution

Voyance Campus is the first, and only, comprehensive user performance management and network assurance SaaS that analyzes and correlates data across every layer of the network to ensure the best possible user performance. No more hunting around to determine where network problems impacting user performance are hiding.


Measure the user experience for SaaS, UC and custom enterprise applications from client to cloud across multiple dimensions.

Voyance automatically analyzes the use and behavior of a variety of applications, providing detail usage statistics by most affected locations, clients, SSIDs, operating systems and more. IT staff can even determine and amount of hours application problems impact each user.

Hundreds of SaaS, unified communications and custom enterprise applications are tracked for every user with aggregate capacity and per user capacity measured. Baseline analysis, benchmarking with real-time and historical trending gives IT staff a complete and detailed understanding of the application experience by the percentage of clients using any given application.


Every user transaction, up the entire network application stack is tracked and analyzed from access to application.

It’s not enough to simply analyze one part of the client connectivity process. Everything needs to be scrutinized –– from wireless association to authentication, IP address allocation to resolving domain requests and accessing applications. Voyance tracks all client wired and wireless transactions on the network giving organizations a complete picture and real data behind exactly what clients are experiencing, when and where.

Voyance examines a broad range of protocol, flow, network, WLAN and device statistics as well as client device and user information. Detailed information such as client device type and vendor, OS version, DHCP issued IP addresses, DNS, HTTP response times, packet loss, transmission error rates, Wi-Fi channel utilization, signal-to-noise ratios, and application performance are all inspected and tracked for each individual client device.


Automatically normalize incidents and network service behavior in real time and over time.

How is SKYPE performing? How fast is a transaction? How are DNS, DHCP, or HTTP response times? Service baselining gives IT organizations the ability to now understand, through empirical data, how well the network or a given service or application is performing for any given user or group of users – helping IT staff establish a valid benchmark that helps them better tune their infrastructure.

Voyance automatically establishes baselines across a number of dimensions such as client incidents, application performance, and network services. Service baselining details what percentage of clients were affected over time as well as the deviation from established baselines, automatically alerting network operations to current and potential issues.

Actionable Answers

All network and user data is analyzed, correlated and summarized into incidents, root causes, symptoms and remediation next steps all in plain English.

As more users with smart devices, IoT, and mobility become commonplace, frustration within enterprise IT network operations is at an all-time high. Companies must be able to make informed decisions about the quality of the user experience and understand the actual impact of infrastructure changes they are making based on real, objective data. But getting real answers to user experience problems has become a major challenge.

From one to tens of thousands of users, Voyance identifies the root cause of incidents in real time for every client connection, providing an understandable description of incidents for all affected users. Symptoms such as TCP latency, Wi-Fi performance, DNS, DHCP, or AAA issues and many more, are automatically displayed… giving administrators the ability to quickly drill down in seconds providing a clear view of next step remediation. This radically reduces troubleshooting times while speeding escalations with greater accuracy.

Cloud Sourcing

Gain a deeper understanding of network operation best practices and predictive insights through anonymized industry data and global advisories.

The Voyance cloud analytics platform continuously monitors thousands of infrastructure nodes and hundreds of thousands client devices. Through the power of the cloud, Voyance constantly correlates suspect behavior and creates global advisories. The new version of Android causing delayed RADIUS authentication? New controller code causing Wi-Fi performance issues? Voyance automatically spots these problems and advises all affected Nyansa customers.

In addition, Nyansa customers are proactively notified and have immediate access to vendor published events and developments that could potentially impact their environments. Global advisories, such as a new client Mac OS X RADIUS performance issue or a new Google Chrome security update are only provided to customers that have devices that fit within the problem scope. This includes the number of clients that could be affected as well as the most affected locations.

Comparative Benchmarking

Voyance is today’s only IT network analytics service that allows enterprises to compare the performance of different infrastructure services, metrics, and key performance indicators against similar organizations.

Through automatic baselining of network services and user incidents for each customer environment, Voyance now gives enterprises the power to establish an objective benchmark for good performance. A myriad of metrics, such as channel width, AP models, Wi-Fi protocols, network services response times, and many others can be anonymously compared against other organizations to gain a deeper understanding of network operation best practices.

Knowing what’s normal in your network environment is now possible with Voyance. Using comparative benchmarking, enterprises have unprecedented access and historical insight into the baseline experience as well as the percentage of clients affected across a range of dimensions: from DHCP and DNS services to channel availability, roaming connectivity and SSID transitions to web congestion and more.

Effortless Deployment

Install in minutes with no client software, sensors or additional intrusive network hardware. Out of line data inspection, extraction and analysis won’t impact network performance.

One or more Voyance software crawlers are installed out-of-band and immediately begin analyzing and correlating wired and wireless data to provide a holistic view of what’s going on, when, and where. No configuration changes to switches, routers, access points or controllers.

Predictive Planning

Determine the real and potential impact of infrastructure changes to understand their effect on user experience.

Nothing is more valuable to IT network operations than having qualitative and quantitative data that effectively proves the effect of infrastructure changes on user experience or helps predict the impact of future changes. With Voyance, customers are able to document how infrastructure changes, such as new features, code, or even configuration changes are impacting the user experience. What’s more, with global advisories and cloud sourcing, organizations can now understand how the changes that are made in other environments might affect their own networks.